Comecei a escrever no momento em que percebi que só pensar não mais me satisfazia.

Precisava transbordar todo aquele pensamento que só ao meu universo de idéias pertencia.

Hoje, escrevo por pura necessidade, por irresistível vício e por agradável teimosia.

Claudia Pinelli Rêgo Fernandes ®

sábado, dezembro 30, 2006



Anywhere on a desert stone, anywhere so far from home
where’s no friend to hold your hand
to dry your tears changed into sand

Anywhere there’s a lonely friend waiting for tears formed to sand
call him bird or tree or flower
he never won’t prevent you

from living all your dreams
from giving all your streams
from changing your ways of dealing into human feeling

Anywhere behind a desert stone, anywhere so far from home
you’ll find a grown blind flower

she never is alone, far from home
she feels wind around her
she feels a warming sun
she feels some raindrops wet her leaves
since that time she lost her griefs

Anywhere, my friend, you’ll find a human land
behind all mountain’s sand
be born or died – it’s not your end..


Música - Anywhere do Grobschnitt (letra acima, recomendo ouvir a música)

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