Comecei a escrever no momento em que percebi que só pensar não mais me satisfazia.

Precisava transbordar todo aquele pensamento que só ao meu universo de idéias pertencia.

Hoje, escrevo por pura necessidade, por irresistível vício e por agradável teimosia.

Claudia Pinelli Rêgo Fernandes ®

terça-feira, outubro 14, 2008

It`s exactly how I`m feeling now...

"Employed" by Beverly Rollwagen, from She Just Wants. © Nodin Press.


She just wants to be employed
for eight hours a day.
She is not interested in a career;
she wants a job
with a paycheck and free parking.
She does not want to carry a briefcase filled
with important papers to read after dinner;
she does not want to return phone calls.
When she gets home,
she wants to kick off her shoes
and waltz around her kitchen singing,

"I am a piece of work."


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